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September & October 2021 EHAC Updates

New EHAC Kid's Kit!

Update for September & October 2021

The EHAC Kids materials can now be downloaded with one click! A lot of hospitals wanted one simple download and you can download it! The EHAC Kids Kit includes the coloring page, the activity page, the certificate and the stickers.

August 2021 EHAC Updates

New Print-Ready Handout with QR Code & ACC Microgrant Initiatives

Update for August 2021

You asked and we delivered! We created the new EHAC Handout with QR Code! Use it at your events or post it in your clinics!

Accreditation Services Foundation Committee Launches Microgrant Initiative
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide vaccination efforts, the ACC Accreditation Services’ Foundation Committee (AFC) is accepting applications for 2021 AFC Microgrants, which will focus on public health education to improve community cardiovascular outcomes related to early recognition of heart attack symptoms and appropriate action steps. Grant awards in the amounts of $2,000, $2,500 and $6,000 will be given to hospitals based in the U.S. Applications will be accepted through Friday, Sept. 3 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Learn more and submit an application.

July 2021 EHAC Updates

New Print-Ready Postcards with QR Code

Update for July 2021

For those of you who are unable to co-brand the free EHAC Community Course, we've created an easy way to share the EHAC education - new postcards with a QR code! Simply download, print & trim the 8.5 x 11 page (front and back) into 4 postcards. You will notice that we replaced the statistics with the new QR code that encourages people to take the free education!

This is a simple workaround that we hope helps you continue to share the new EHAC Community education! If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact us!

June 2021 EHAC Updates

Ready to Share? The EHAC Community Education Link is Live!

Update for June 2021

We went live last month and now you can educate your community by sharing this link. Use it on your website and use it in your social postings (also, tag us with #EHACSavesLives). Tell us how you share it and know that EHAC continues to offer free education solutions to help save hearts!

May 2021 EHAC Updates

Ready to Re-Start Your Community Education?

Update for May 2021

If you are unable to participate in the hospital-branded community education, the new generic EHAC community course is available and you can share it by using this link.

Now that events and health fairs are returning, are you ready to share EHAC with your community? Who is your audience? Over Mother's Day weekend, EHAC was proud to be the title sponsor of The Florida Hummingbird, a 2021 PDGA Women's Global Event. The PDGA Women's Global Event was supposed to be held in 2020, but, due to COVID, was re-scheduled to this year. Over 3300 women from 30 countries compete in their local event and are then ranked against their counterparts around the world.

The local event that EHAC sponsored had 108 women and junior players and a lot of caddies and event volunteers. EHAC distributed a total of 227 pledge cards, brochures, bookmarks, bubbles and heart stress balls. In addition, EHAC exhibited how to use a blood pressure cuff and an AED trainer. This event was the perfect opportunity to help women understand how to create better heart health in addition to introducing EHAC to a new audience.  

April 2021 EHAC Updates

New Community Education & Dr. Bahr's New Article!

Update for April 2021

We are pleased to announce that we recently updated the EHAC education to reflect Community Outreach & you can deploy this on your website! More pictures, less text and to the point - "Help Us Save Lives."For our hospitals that use the existing community outreach, we'll be updating all of your registration pages over the next month to move to the new education! Also, if you need the powerpoint, please contact us at  

As we reflect on the last 40 years of EHAC, did you know that Dr. Bahr worked with Major League Baseball to deploy"The Bart Giamatti Early Heart Attack Care Program" for 500,000 people in every baseball stadium? Read his tribute to the late Dr. Bobby Brown who was a cardiologist and pivotal to the success of this program.

Download the EHAC Life Hack Video

Update for March 2021

Yes, you can now download the EHAC Life Hack video to play on your website, in your social media or in your educational training. If it does not give you the option to "Download," right-click on the link and hit "Save Link As." This will open the dialog box and you can save the video on your computer.
Need help? Contact us at  

Download the Video

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Kudos to Arkansas Department of Health!

Update for February 2021

The Arkansas Department of Health has created outreach for their Faith Based Communities that includes an EHAC Toolkit. By clicking the link, a place of worship can print, share or receive free EHAC materials. As many of our hospitals and public health departments review new ways to share education, many have created new on-line capabilities for their communities. If you want to create your own EHAC toolkit, work with your hospital web team by saving the EHAC icon (shown at right) and share the links you can find on our download page. Need help? Contact us at  

Download Materials

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New! EHAC Poster: 9 x 16

Update for January 2021

The updated EHAC posters (9 x 16) are now available in English and Spanish. They contain the same information as the EHAC brochures and the educational content has not been changed.

Download Materials

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New! EHAC "Life Hack" Video

Update for December 2020

We've just released the new EHAC Life Hack Video that you can download for free and use in your hospital outreach. It's an overview of the EHAC Course and what people will learn by taking the education.     


New! EHAC CPR AED Poster

We've just released the new EHAC/CPR/AED Poster in English. This poster provides a broad overview of the steps that a responder should take if they miss the early signs and symptoms of a heart attack. This does not replace CPR or AED certification, but it is meant to make people more responsive to a person in need.    


Download Materials

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New Deputy Heart Attack and EHAC Videos!


EHAC Downloads

New! EHAC Postcards

Do you need a smaller handout for your community outreach? We've created the "EHAC Postcard" Series. The free downloads are available in EnglishSpanish, and Marshallese. The setup is similar to the EHAC Pledge Cards and you can create four handouts from one 8.5" x 11" page.

#EHACSavesLives  #EHACeducation

New EHAC Videos are coming soon and you can use them in your education! Stay tuned for more information.

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Arkansas EHAC Marshallese Translation

New EHAC Materials in Marshallese for Arkansas STEMI Advisory Council

The Deputy Heart Attack program and the Arkansas STEMI Advisory Council (STAC) are pleased to release the ACC Early Heart Attack Care educational materials in the Marshallese language. In the State of Arkansas, the STAC has provided the free downloads via their website and facilities in Arkansas can request free printed materials by completing the fulfillment form. We thank the STAC for their diligence and statewide efforts as we work in partnership to reduce the cardiovascular mortality rate in Arkansas.

This partnership also allows EHAC to provide these materials as free downloads on our "Training Your Community" page.

Download Materials

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EHAC Covid Training

Training Your Hospitals During COVID -

As hospitals are re-starting their summer educational series and training new employees, there are new constraints while following CDC and local guidelines. We'd like to thank Nancy G. and Rocky G. at UF Health Leesburg and The Villages for submitting their educational outreach updates. For UF Health, during their Stroke Awareness events, they distributed the EHAC brochures, pledge cards, bookmarks and the new EHAC Kids Deputy Hearty materials. In addition, during their recent new employee training, Nancy created EHAC welcome kits that included these materials enclosed in a plastic gift bag. During these events, everyone wore masks and there was plenty of hand sanitizer.

Don't forget - we will add your hospital logo to the front of the EHAC brochures in both English and Spanish. This is a free service, but you will have to submit your logo. Please ask your marketing team for a high resolution jpg or an .eps file format. If you have any questions, please contact us. If you need to purchase EHAC materials, please visit our online store.

Download Materials

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Protecting our communities -

It is being reported across the USA that people are not seeking timely treatment for suspected heart attacks and strokes. Whatever the reason, our mission remains the same - get people immediate care for a suspected cardiovacular event!

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Honor a Healthcare Worker with Deputy Hearty

EHAC Kids: In Honor...

In lieu of our Spring Health fair season, we asked people to download the EHAC Kids Deputy Hearty coloring page. They submitted their versions and the name of the person they are honoring on our social channels and via email to If you would like to join in, please feel free to share your completed coloring page and let us know who you are honoring!

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EHAC Kids!

EHAC Kids: Deputy Hearty to the Rescue!

During Heart Month 2020, three hospitals share the new EHAC Kids education by using the Deputy Hearty certificates, stickers and coloring page. Learn how they found new ways to share the life-saving message.

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EHAC Kids: Deputy Hearty

EHAC Kids: Deputy Hearty!

Expanding upon the release of the Deputy Hearty one page coloring diagram, the Deputy Hearty education now includes the stickers and certificates.

Free Downloads

Heart Month - EHAC Tips and Tricks

Heart Month 2020: EHAC Training Tips

Do you have health fairs and summits planned for Heart Month? Learn some simple tricks and tips for sharing EHAC at your health fairs.

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Heart Month 2020 with EHAC

Update from Seattle - the Citizen's CPR Summit

In December, we were proud to participate in the Citizen's CPR Summit in Seattle. This educational summit included survivor celebrations and the latest innovations in first responder equipment and processes. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to learn more about EHAC. Thank you to David Hiltz, Founder of Heart Safe Communities, for inviting us to attend.

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EHAC Education and Free Downloads

EHAC Heart Month Savings Starts Now!

The ACC Deputy Heart Attack program remains committed to saving your hospital educational budget. Starting today, if you purchase $250 of EHAC materials for Heart Month, enter the code ACCFREESHIP to get free shipping. Stay tuned for more cost savings and new EHAC items to be released in 2020!

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EHAC in Seattle!

See you in Seattle!

Are you attending the Cardiac Arrest Survival Summit in Seattle on December 10 - 13, 2019? Join ACC EHAC at Booth 3 where we will be sharing the new EHAC educational materials. Also, don't miss out on your chance to participate in the Resuscitation Officer Program. It's a comprehensive training program for hospital team leadership and is being offered on December 10, 2019. This dynamic 8-hour certificate program is designed to prepare physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals to effectively organize and implement cardiac arrest guidelines, innovations and best practices to improve outcomes from cardiac arrests that occur in the hospital setting?

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EHAC in Seattle!

Meet Deputy Hearty!

Are you training children at your upcoming health fair? Meet Deputy Hearty! This free download is a one page coloring diagram to help you spread the life saving message of the Deputy Heart Attack program.

Free Downloads

EHAC Contact Us!

Tell us your Story!

As Dr. Bahr asks in his new article "Have you saved a life or did someone save yours by recognizing the early signs and symptoms of a heart attack?" Please share your story with us.

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EHAC Contact Us!

Free: New Downloads!

For hospitals, the new downloads of the EHAC Course, the EHAC Pledge Cards and the EHAC Poster are available as free downloads.

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EHAC Events!

Do You Have an Event?

If you are participating at an upcoming event, tell us about it so we can share it on our social channels. You can also post your event and tag us so we can share your information!

To purchase materials for your event, visit our online store

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