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Heart Month - EHAC Kids Deputy Hearty

EHAC Kids: Deputy Hearty to the Rescue!

This year we released the EHAC Kids program that features our very own Deputy Hearty! For accreditation, many of our facilities host or participate in kid-friendly events and Deputy Hearty meets the educational outreach requirements.

How Did They Do It?

Heart Month - EHAC Kids Deputy Hearty Hands Only CPR
  • A hospital hosted 50 5th graders for a Wellness Day. They taught EHAC and Hands-Only CPR and used the new Deputy Hearty stickers and certificates as hand-outs during the education.
  • A hospital participated in a Agri-Trade Exposition where they taught hundreds of people EHAC and Hands-Only CPR. For the kids, they handed out the Deputy Hearty coloring page.
  • A hospital participated in a community-wide heart month event and used all of the EHAC materials including the EHAC brochures, pledge cards and bookmarks in addition to the Deputy Hearty materials. This way they could train to all ages.

If you shared EHAC during Heart Month or need help with the EHAC materials, please feel free to share your story by e-mailing us via the Contact Us form.

EHAC Deputy Hearty

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