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Heart Month - EHAC Tips and Tricks

Heart Month 2020:

Every year, February is designated as Heart Month. Across the USA, hospitals and communities host health fairs in order to help people understand how their heart works and how to improve their cardiovascular health. We've gathered some tips and inexpensive ideas to help you share the life-saving message.

Decorate & educate in your hospital

  • Download the Free EHAC Pledge Cards and have your employees sign them. Use the completed cards to create an "EHAC wall" near your main entrance. Leave some at the visitor's desk and encourage visitors to sign them. You can also create a photo wall and designate your tag as #ehacsaveslives or #heartmonth2020
  • For kids, download the Free Deputy Hearty coloring page and distribute it at your daycare or your kid-friendly events.

Health Fairs -

  • Need handouts? Download the Free EHAC brochures to distribute at your events or check out the other free downloads such as the posters.
  • Need decorations? Visit your local dollar store where they have everything you need to decorate your table. We've found inexpensive decorations such as heart-shaped glitter, light-up hearts, streamers and other Valentine's Day decor at great prices.
  • Need to count your attendees? Some hospitals want to know the number of visitors that attended your table. An easy way to track them is to purchase the EHAC bookmarks from our on-line store. These are an inexpensive handout that also double as a counter. When you open the package, there are 500 in a package. At the end of the event, just count how many are left and you have your visitor number.

Educational training

  • Short on time? You may only have a minute to speak with an attendee. Thus, share the following, "EHAC encourages you to learn the early signs and symptoms of an early heart attack and get someone to emergency care." Hand them a brochure that they can read when they get home.
  • Presenting to your employees?Do you need an updated EHAC powerpoint to share with your employees? Contact us with your request and we will send you the updated presentation.

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Tell us your Story!

As Dr. Bahr asks in his new article "Have you saved a life or did someone save yours by recognizing the early signs and symptoms of a heart attack?" Please share your story with us.

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Free: New Downloads!

For hospitals, the new downloads of the EHAC Course, the EHAC Pledge Cards and the EHAC Poster are available as free downloads.

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