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Dr. Bahr Deputizes Tim Attebery, ACC CEO

In a private ceremony, Dr. Raymond Bahr presented Tim Attebery, ACC CEO, with the original Deputy Heart Attack badge. "This badge was given to me over 40 years ago to deputize participants in our Early Heart Attack Care presentations," stated Dr. Bahr, Founder of ACC Accreditation Services, the Deputy Heart Attack program and Early Heart Attack Care education. "Throughout the years, this badge has traveled the globe with me and been worn by other leaders who have pledged to continue the life-saving message of early prevention. Giving it to Tim at ACC Heart House is symbolically important to me because he is also committed to protecting hearts through care and advocacy."

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As Dr. Bahr asks in his new article "Have you saved a life or did someone save yours by recognizing the early signs and symptoms of a heart attack?" Please share your story with us.

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