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EHAC Thanks Our Partners

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One Mission Requires Many Partners

Dr. Ray Bahr is more than just the Founder of ACC Accreditation Services. His Early Heart Attack Care program is a benchmark of community outreach and education for heart disease.

Over the years we have recognized the EHAC Person of the Year and the hard working nominees. At the time, I thanked everyone for their tremendous response in adapting the Deputy Heart Attack Program and sharing Early Heart Attack Care education within their communities.

However, I would be remiss if I did not thank all of the people at the ACC who work so hard to make this program a success. Not only do our employees reach out within their own communities to spread the message, they also dedicate countless hours to share our mission.

I'm indebted to each of them because they all see the big picture. Many of them are like me - people who have experienced the harsh reality of what cardiovascular disease can do to a life, to a family - and they understand that we can drastically reduce the death rate in the United States. Because it's not just a death rate to us - it's someone who mattered that didn't have to die.

So I thank all of you for your dedication to increase the number of EHAC pledges. Keep in mind that we are trying to change the culture to act on the early symptoms of a heart attack. Our plan is to grow until it reaches "viral numbers" and to ultimately view it as "an idea whose time has come". We think that this will happen when we reach about one million pledges. Can we do this?

It will only be possible with your help. You are a vital part of this overall strategy. You can help us by creating new processes and sharing new ideas. Every ounce of energy you bring to the program works miracles and inspires me to work even harder on this mission of love that I started over 40 years ago.

Of course I cannot write a piece for the newsletter without reminding you that the holidays are a season of stress and heart attacks spike this time of year. Please be alert to the early heart attack symptoms and if you need a reminder, visit the Deputy Heart Attack website for more information.